Monday, September 20, 2010

suspicious package from universal orlando

Another suspicious package from Universal Orlando has arrived, just in time for Halloween Horror Nights. Hmmmm, it looks like just the right size for a magical wand, but that seems bloody unlikely. Once inside, we see more of Fear himself, but first, some photos of the unveiling.

Before ….

Less the wrapping (Scissors are my office issue, there to show proper scale.)

Inside the bloody box: A note introducing an image of Fear himself, along with said image. It goes beyond the mouthy image seen on the billboards to include the whole head (topped by veins or roots or worms or some combination thereof). He’s barechested but accessorizes. And he’s scarred up, including one that looks like Roman nummeral XX, as in 20, as in Halloween Horror Nights XX.

Ah, a do-it-yourself disfiguring kit. Get the look that Fear has, kids.

And detail from the other end. At least it didn’t come with dismemberment this year.

Horror Nights begins this Friday, Sept. 24, and runs for 24 select nights through Oct. 31. Click here, for more information about Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights.

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