Sunday, September 26, 2010

I Think the halloween horror nights 20 faild in meny ways pros and cons

Hi every one my name is Thomas Miller you may know me from the past working at universal orlando creative team but now i work for a big city and love my job. Let me tell you about Halloween horror nights 20 let me tell you it seems like they just threw stuff in a maze and sead i hope we make money on drink sales lol. Let me start with pros and cons of the event i will number pros and cons by numbers


1 legendary of truth maze great maze
2 food every where you go their was a food stand with great smelling food
3 OPD was their in full force
4 rain and girls with tight shirts lol
5 not to much drunks
6 going home lol


1 the 7 mazes were just thrown in like nothing new nothing good i don't know did not get a good felling
2 they lied on tv and more about this years hhn 20 not scary at all but it was a bit fun but not to fun
3 just an all out lack of direction they were trying to do it looks like someone just left and they did not know what to do and then they just threw every thing in and prayed lol

4 guest survives my god universal guest survives stinks they don't care they take your money and have some guy say to you i am sorry but that's our money now.

5 the scare zones where very bad i tell you what they were not out on the first night and it went down hill

6 79.99 for ffp is to high it should be 59.99

7 $15 for parking what the heck universal you should have discounted parking

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