Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Some interesting ideas for the Halloween costumes

halloween, adult halloween costume
Halloween as a known fact is one of the most interesting event celebrated in the west. Dressing for the Halloween doesn't have to be a real big concern and neither will it call for the breaking up of your bank, because you can have some of the very interesting ideas at just some pennies. What you need to really have for this simple affair is some imagination. Some of the basic ideas which you can follow to be dressed up as a ghost and this would cost you nothing other than an old white sheet and a permanent marker for making that funky design. Another simple design which you can just follow is that of a tourist and for that what you would just require is that of a Hawaiian shirt, a camera hanging on your neck, and some of the maps and guides that would really give you a unique look for a tourist.

One thing which you must remember is that the louder you make things; it would become easier to identify the costume. Another very common but an interesting idea which pops up to me is that of the cowboy. Some of the essentials for this interesting idea are that of the felt hat and boots and other requirement for this idea is simply that of jeans which you use in your normal casual wear. Another interesting idea which never becomes old is that of like dressing up like a witch. For this you would just simply require a wig which you can buy it from a store near by and along with this you will have to wear black costumes and a broom which will surely complement your needs. You will also have to buy a witch̢۪s hat which you can just buy for nothing. When we sit on the task of thinking interesting but cheap Halloween costume ideas then it is quite important that you will have to think out of the box.

Consider the thought that you have decided upon to become a soldier and this is very simple idea for which you would just require camouflage clothing and some face paint. To put some extra thought into it so that you could be a hit is that you cold paint your hat grey and brown this will add a unique element to your personality. Another very interesting ideas which is my personal favorite is that you can put together your French maid costumes along with an apron and a duster, and some simple costume like the doctor costume can be made more attractive by just simply adding more taste into the costume like for a doctor's costume you can simply add a big syringe.

Many of these ideas are common for both adult halloween costume as well as kids, however if you are looking forward to add more color to the adult costume then you can turn the adult costume more sexy, or you can probably think of going as a mad surgeon instead of going like a normal doctor. Thus as I said before you can become extremely a hit personality by just being more imaginative in your thought, and try and think out of the box.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Adult Halloween Costume ideas

halloween, adult halloween costume
When Halloween approaches, you may be thinking more about your child's costume than your own. If you like Halloween as much as your kids do, there is no reason why you can't enjoy it too. You can go to the store and buy something off the shelf, but there isn't much fun in this. Instead, you may want to find something unusual, and this means you may have to put a lot of thought into adult Halloween costume ideas. The wackier you get, the more you are going to like what you come up with.

You can find adult Halloween costume ideas in a lot of great places. One of the very best places is the Internet. There will be more websites devoted to ideas than you can get to in one sitting. You may have already guessed this, and if you look hard enough, you can find adult Halloween costume ideas that are prefect for you and your spouse. You may even be able to find something unusual and add your own twist to come up with something no one has ever seen before.

You can also come up with unusual adult Halloween costume ideas by mixing and matching costumes you find online or in a store. You can build something out of two different ideas, or even three. You can think of what you like, recent movies or TV shoes that have caught your eye, and then try to think of something to wear. For the most part, however, unique adult Halloween costume ideas are not things from a movie or TV show. These are things that you may see every day but would have never considered for a costume.

These adult Halloween costume ideas might be something funny like dressing in pink with a shoe on your head like Ellen did recently on her talk show. She was gum stuck on the bottom of a shoe. You may even try to come up with adult Halloween costume ideas that will make people think. Can you figure out a way to be global warming? Do you have any idea how to make a unique costume that would represent your community̢۪s most popular event? The ideas are out there, but you may just have to give yourself some time to think of something good. Look all around you, because life is full of costume ideas just wanting to be born.

By Fantasticartmj

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Colonial Costumes for Halloween

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Colonial costumes are in demand for numerous reasons. They can be easily used for historical reenactments, tableaux, school plays and educational recreations. They make elegant Halloween costumes, and can be interesting attires for fancy-dress balls or other elaborate pageants where participants are allowed to experiment with their dress. In colonial costumes, you can be easily different from the ordinary.

Where to find Colonial Costumes?

Getting a beautiful and comfortable Colonial costume is not quite difficult in today's world. You'll be able to find many quality sources to get some of the finest costumes matching to your preferences. Let us know in brief about these sources:

Fabric Stores

If you are a bit particular about the pattern of your Colonial costumes, you can explore the market to get your kind of pattern in skirts, tops, jumpers, mobcaps and more. Besides choosing the appropriate pattern, you can read about the sizing charts of the available costumes. It is mainly because of the fact that many pattern differ in the mentioned size on the package. Also, the pattern package lists accessories or additional decorative items you may want for your individual costume.

Online Costumes Stores

Internet offers you a wide array of choices to pick the suitable colonial costumes for your Halloween celebration. Get the true identity of colonial ladies and gentlemen with dressing up in brocades, lacings, sleeve ruffles, jabots and panniers. Look elegant and attractive by adding your own style in the colorful colonial attire. If you want to look like a colonial townsman, you can wear breeches, jacket, vest and jabot, but a farmer would dispense with the frills and use a coarser material. Visit a wide range of military uniforms to get the authentic costumes.

Choose a good quality powdered wig to improve you look for the Halloween party. Halloween offers a great time to impersonate something different and make a style statement!

By Anirban Bhattacharya

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Creative and Simple Ideas for Halloween Holidays Costumes

halloween costumes, halloween craft, halloween mask, halloween decorating, halloween
If we look at the history of Halloween costumes, we will find that this custom is followed by people for over 2000 years. In ancient days, the Celts dressed in crude costumes to celebrate the Celtic festival ‘Samhain". That's why still some Christians rebuff to celebrate Halloween as it has pagan origin. Samhain was celebrated by Celts to mark the end of a year and it also symbolized the final harvest period. Since, Samhain suggested the end of a harvesting period it was associated with human death. They also believed that during the night of October 31st, the ghosts returned to earth to cause trouble to the human kind. So, they burnt animals and crops in a bonfire as a sacrifice to their gods while donning scary costumes made from animal skin and heads.

When European immigrants entered America during 1800s, they surged Halloween into the American tradition. Also, during this period many Americans tried to alter the pagan theme of this holiday tradition into a more friendly festival and celebrated it with appropriate Halloween costumes. They organized get-togethers and emphasized the community to celebrate them in a kid-friendly way than with a theme of witchcraft and ghosts.

However, the change evolved only during 1950s and people started celebrating Halloween as a children's holiday. But, the children dressed up in scary costumes as they are influenced by movies like Dracula and The Wizard of Oz. They walked to each house yelling ‘trick or treat' and the pagan's connection with this holiday festival ended during this period. Halloween costumes become a booming industry during the year 2000 and also it has developed into America's second largest holiday.

Over the years, Halloween culture was embraced by everyone and celebrated everywhere. The modern day people started celebrating it as street parties and also in pubs, clubs and discos thus making it a grand gala celebration. Halloween props and other accessories are now worth the investment. It is a good idea to share the cost of these costumes among friends as most Halloween props available in the market can be stored easily and hence can be reused year after year.

The amusing and freakier Halloween costumes are generally in great demand before the month of Halloween and people throng to buy the Halloween masks and props to charm others. While men prefer scary Halloween costumes, women try to charm others with their coquettish and feminine Halloween costumes. Just let your mind's eye guide you in buying your funkier Halloween costume and enjoy the holiday with fun!

By Anirban Bhattacharya

Friday, December 5, 2008

Two Inexpensive Halloween Costume Ideas

halloween costumes, mummy costumes, skeleton costumes, halloween craft, halloween mask, halloween decorating, halloween
Everyone loves to dress differently on Halloween. Based on different themes, Halloween costumes provide a specific identity to their wearers. While some wear costumes resembling to the character of the history or of future and fantasy, many love to scare people by being dressed like a mummy. Showing the changing costume trends, youngsters like to go by fusion costume in varied price range. Here, we'll be discussing few economical options that anyone can consider as their Halloween costume options.

Skeleton Costumes:

A skeleton costume can be a cost-convenient option on Halloween. Get anything from a black fret suit or a black turtle neck and pants. To get an image right, you can get a piece of chalk with white fabric paint. By using the chalk and paints, you can create interesting pattern for your ultimate Halloween costumes. If you are unable to create the real skeleton feel, it is better to check out the online Halloween costumes stores. You'll be satisfied with the designs and love flaunting your style with it.

Mummy Costumes:

Mummy costumes are a hot favorite amongst many. These costumes are easy to make and look really impressive on everyone. By using some raw and scrap materials, you can make your own Halloween costume otherwise you can always visit online costume stores to get the best costume. Online costume stores can let you know about the latest fashion, style and preferences. People can choose whatever they like for their party.

People who want to mix their creative ideas with Halloween costumes can get some interesting stuff to wear on Halloween. They can provide their ideas to an online costume provider and get their desired costumes in minutes.

Whatever you choose, make sure you get the most comfortable costume for your party. Wearing complicated and fire-prone fabrics can sometime result in unpleasant experience. Choose the best and have the most enjoyable time.

BY Anirban Bhattacharya

Thursday, December 4, 2008

How to become a Model for Halloween

halloween costumes, halloween craft, halloween decorating, halloween mask

Do you want to celebrate the holiday season with the best of Halloween Costumes? Although you are going to wear the Halloween costumes just for one day in a year, you can masquerade or dress up as something or someone else to make most of the fun. Therefore, it is necessary to sort out costumes that are safe, and comfortable. You can even portrait yourself as a model of Halloween by picking up the latest theme. Whether you are an adult or a child, whether you are whimsically charming or horridly creepy, by becoming a model for Halloween, you are really going to enjoy an interesting and mysterious time by masquerading yourself in a flashy costume.

To implement your idea, first of all, you need to search the latest trends and fashion for every season, and adopt innovative ideas while choosing masks and costumes. You can choose from a new range of Halloween costumes collection for couples, teenagers, adults, children and infants that are available online. You can become the life of the Halloween party by making a personal choice of masquerade like ghouls, goblins, cartoon character, movie stars and famous people or just in a traditional way. By getting the perfect costumes, you can make a lot of fun and entertain everybody around you. Choose your comfortable costumes well before the onset of the season, as you may not be able to avail good choices of the costumes in the last minute.

Halloween costumes are also the best gift ideas as it will be used sparingly and hence will be preserved for a long time. To make the Halloween gifts planning work well, you can visit an online store or a thrift store in your locality for getting ideas about the latest range in Halloween costumes such as hobos, scarecrows and fairies. If your kids want to dress up like dad and mom, allow them to wear dresses from your closet. However, safety of your children is of paramount importance, especially when they wear flame-retardant masks and materials. So, you can even buy them fitting costumes from a reliable store. In cold weather, you should try to wear loose Halloween costumes which can accommodate warm clothing. Similarly, in warm weather, avoid the costumes which are bulky and thick, as they may cause overheating resulting in discomfort.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Trend Of Halloween Decorating

Recently, Halloween has been bouncing back into the holiday limelight. In fact, memorabilia for this centuries-old holiday now rivals Christmas in popularity. Halloween decorations that dot front lawns and porches in the county have become frightfully sophisticated. Electrified and inflatable, today's monsters, ghosts and goblins soar through the air, light up the night, shriek on cue and wave to passersby.

If all this scary technology leaves you feeling a bit nostalgic for a cardboard skeleton and a few honeycomb tissue paper pumpkins, you're not alone. Original vintage Halloween decorations from the 1920’s through 60’s are ‘in demand’ because they are near impossible to find.

“Vintage Halloween images are most memorable because they were meant to scare. And for this reason finding such decorations in today’s marketplace especially near-mint condition, is fast becoming a rarity,” says Gerard Arduino, author of “Holiday Love and Madness”. These vintage decorations include one sided paper cutouts, or die-cuts, of classic images such as scary witches, spooky black cats and Jack-O-Lanterns, plastic pumpkin candy holders and honeycombed-tissue decorations.

“About 10 years ago, there was a resurgence of the old stuff really coming back,” he said. “I thought (Halloween) is really catching on again. I got into it myself then. It became a passion of mine.”

“Unlike Christmas decorations that were passed down from generations and would be packed away carefully, regarded as family heirlooms, Halloween decorations were generally used once to decorate a themed party and then discarded without a thought,” continued Arduino. “For this reason, today, an original 1930’s jointed skeleton paper cutout, in mint condition, could be worth as much as $150 or more compared to its original price of a mere five or ten cents.”

Arduino explains that the Internet has allowed for many of the vintage Halloween decorations to resurface. “Thanks to the Internet and sites such as eBay it has become much easier to find classic images. In comparison to the Halloween decorations of today, the timeless decorations of the past are much scarier and, for us ‘baby boomers,’ they bring us back to a time when life was simpler and no one thought twice about letting children “trick 'or' treat door-to-door.”

“The decorations have character. They remind everyone of their childhood. People will see them and say “I had that when I was a kid” or “I remember those.” I get all of that kind of feedback,” he said.

The Beistle Company of Shippensburg, Pa., and The Dennison Manufacturing Co., now known as Avery Dennison and based in Pasadena, Calif., produced some of the most popular collectible Halloween items.

Beistle is still in business and with the recent popularity of its vintage items, has reissued some of its holiday creations for today's buyers.

Beistle made party hats, lanterns…a bunch of things that were party-themed,” Arduino added. “All of it was made in the United States and sold in 5- and 10-cent stores. I remember going to Woolworth's and buying these cutouts and Halloween costumes. You don't see that anymore.”

What have been selling well in today’s market according to Arduino are “the traditional ‘Classic’ cutouts.” The ones that look and feel spooky! In addition he added the ‘Gothic’ line of indoor/outdoor lawn and durable decorations are popular sellers as well.

If you’re looking to start your own Halloween collection and prefer the “retro images” of days gone by, then here are some tips to help you keep up with the ever growing trend of vintage Halloween decorating:

What to look for:

  • The names Beistle and Dennison are usually printed on the cutouts.
  • The scarier the imagery, the older the item.
  • Older cutouts have one-sided images with a thick card board backing.
  • Halloween Bogie Books, once published annually by Dennison were magazines that served as the primary sales and marketing tool for the company’s Halloween line. Finding them today is rare, but they can help collectors determine the manufacture date of vintage decorations.
  • The more delicate the article, the more rare, and of course, the more valuable.

Where to find them:

  • Local garage sales are an excellent place to find vintage holiday items.
  • Antique/collectible shows are another source; although they can become pricy, depending on how much you are willing to spend.
  • Look for distributors who sell vintage recreations which will cost far less than the originals. These are a must have for Halloween aficionados.
  • Small, local party stores often sell Beistle recreations, and may even have some old cutouts in storage that may be for sale.
  • If you choose to purchase authentic vintage decorations on the Web, generally avoid dealers who provide photos of their items for sale taken from catalogs or other sources. Its buyer beware. Always make sure that you are viewing the actual item you are purchasing.
By Cedar Grove