Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Halloween Horror Nights’ Environment Team and how they do it

During a conference call with Universal Orlando’s Environment Team, they hinted at some of the evil lurking around this year’s event. Many fans are wondering if this year, being the 20 Year Anniversary of the event, will be a celebration or flashback to the past 19 years.

In short, the Universal team says they do pay homage to the past icons and characters in one house and one scarezone. However, they reiterate that the majority will be new, emphasizing their efforts to make it more intense, scary and gory than in years past.

One of the creators said the event is all about fear, “Fear is consistent, fear was always here. Fear will now come to life.”

He is referring to this year’s Horror Nights Icon, “Fear.” They have released few details regarding this new character and all of the images released by Universal Orlando vaguely show a tight shot of a crazed creature’s mouth and wretched teeth.

The environment team describes fear as being the master of everything that has occurred at Halloween Horror Nights over the past 19 years.

“We wanted a character that was all encompassing, stand above the past icons. That there is some sort of control over the event and maybe those [past] icons,” they explained on the conference call.

However, one particular house will have a comedic tone to it. They would not reveal which house they were describing, but they added it is probably not the one you are thinking of. (See haunted house descriptions below)

Finally, they did say this may be your last time to see some of their favorite houses, icons and characters. They claim that some of the past features of Halloween Horror Nights will be retired. But, they did add, some may not be retired permanently and a few may return after a several year slumber. as i usto do this stuff with them they are doing a good job and this year is going to be crazy because Michael Roddy is not their this year

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