Monday, September 20, 2010

Lady Gaga Costumes

Just two months ago you could do a search on the internet for Lady Gaga costumes and what you would come up with were-well Lady Gaga costumes. Depending on what you were looking for that may have been fine. If you were looking for photos or stories about the outfits she wore during concerts or at appearances then that is what you would find.

Lady Gaga CostumesHowever, if what you were looking for was a way to look like her, in other words a costume for you to wear to one of her concerts or for Halloween, well then that was just not available at the time. There were some varied articles a few pages deep with suggestions on how to look like the star and there were quite a few videos on lightning bolt makeup or how to make her hair bow.

Lady Gaga CostumesAbout 15 days ago as of this writing, the Lady"s officially licensed costumes became available and suddenly a search on the internet for Lady Gaga costumes will turn up dozens of sites selling the authorized costumes. That's great. As far as her fans are concerned, the more Gaga the better. These "ready to go" costumes are stunning. They are quality costumes that are affordable. They capture looks inspired by some of her performances and her videos.

Lady Gaga CostumesMy hope is that with all the pre-made costumes available that her fans will remember who and what she is about-being yourself. She is flattered that her fans want to look like her but in our rush to emulate her look let's not forget about her message of creativity, individuality and freedom of expression. Not that we have to start from scratch, or even wear little Kermit frogs or a meat dress. I have a feeling those kinds of costumes are best left to the Lady herself.

Lady Gaga CostumesThere would be nothing wrong whatsoever in purchasing any of the Lady Gaga costumes that are coming out. But why not take a cue from the Lady and create unique Lady Gaga costumes. With a little knowledge of what colors and styles she gravitates towards it can be fun to start with something basic, like a bodysuit or leotard. Add some Lady Gaga accessories like a hooded scarf, some wild shoes, maybe a mask and gloves. Once you have purchased the basics and a wig, it's pretty easy to accessorize yourself right into one of a kind Lady Gaga costumes. I think that's what she would do.

By Gwen Phillips

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