Monday, February 28, 2011

Universal has been impressing upon us that this will be a farewell

know Universal has been impressing upon us that this will be a farewell year for many icons and traditions, and I really do hope that they stick to their guns on it. I'm all for starting fresh and wouldn't mind if Jack, the Caretaker, the Usher, the Storyteller, and the Director were put into storage for a good while. Even under-utilized icons like Mary, Eddie, Cindy, Darkness, Terra Queen, etc. should probably ake a break for now. Again, love'em all, but seeing new characters will be more exciting.

Old franchises and houses need to be concluded too. No more Psychoscareapy, Body Collectors, All Nite Die-In, Treaks, Chainsaw Drill Team, etc. Don't bring back Midway of the Bizarre, Deadtropolis, or whatever favorites fans may have.

Looking at HHNXX, there are some interesting ideas that could develop more in future years. The most obvious new franchise would most likely be the continuing story of Z-Day from Zombiegeddon and Zombie Gras. I don't immediately recall HHN having a reaccuring zombie franchise, and it seems you could imagine some good houses or zones from seeing how Z-Day has affected various parts of the country.

I'd love to see Havoc's Dogs of War take it to the streets. Give'em a scarezone!

The New Yorkshire setting from Saws 'n Steam seems like a ripe idea too. I'm not really a fan of steampunk, but making a house out of that theme could be cool.

Legendary Truth could be a neat franchise too. Not saying there will be constant haunted houses, but maybe the houses can take place in different investigations exploring bizarre phenomenon (UFOs, cryptozoology, etc.) Very X-Files like.

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