Monday, February 28, 2011

new icon hhn 21

I think if we get any nod towards our new icon it will be next Thursday at the VIP Lounge presentations on Icons. I don't think Fear is returning since he was mainly the tie-in for this year.

Albeit, speculation I COULD at some point see HHN using the Body Collectors as the icons but I don't think it will happen any time soon since next year I'm assuming they are still in large going for the whole "No movie houses, few (if any) sequels" approach. Since it was kinda stated that they wanted to go that route for a while.

I'd love to see these houses/scarezones from recent years get some sort of sequel (and yes I know, most of these are long shots.) Hint hint.
-Scream House (If PS gets part 4 than so should Scream House)
-Hellgate Prison
-Midway of the Bizarre as a house. I can't be the only one who wants to see this.
-Deadtropolis. Street or house.
-Demon Cantina
-Terra Mines
-Nightmare on Elm Street (Still to this day one of the best houses I've been through and one of the few IP's I'd like to see return.)
-Asylum in Wonderland house (It's been done at a lot of other haunts...I know)
-Interstellar Terror
-Dead Exposure
-P.S. on the streets.
-Lights, Camera in some capacity.
-War of the Living Dead in some capacity.
-Catacombs in a soundstage
-ZGed, in the street perhaps

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