Monday, February 28, 2011

It sure was something!!! :lol:

I'm all for more shows, maybe even one that I would like. ;) I haven't been to a show since the first showing of the Rocky tribute in 2008, but more shows to eat up more crowd is good in my book. I just want something more than the 'Big Screen' at the front gates. I know most folks on here go in ahead of time for S&S, but I've waited at the gates at least one time for the last three years and let me tell you, it's missing something. I remember scary clowns that would climb on the gate and taunt the crowd from the 90's, that silly torture truck that went over 'the rules' was around and would do the routine while we waited, even in 2008 the mirror people were there to keep us interested. Put in the Chucky insult attraction, or something. Hearing the monologues over and over and over is NOT entertaing.

I thought about this some more yesterday and I concluded that Universal really needs to address some more serious issues if they really want to impress and retain long-term fans.

1. Research the reputation of the entrance search and security source. This needs to be done immediately, IMO. Also, there needs to be a consensus between Universal and their gate guards BEFORE THE EVENT BEGINS. The making it up as you go crap is not only unprofessional but could be construed as prejudiced if the wrong person is slighted. The fact that they aren't being sued after this past year is very surprising to me.

2. Either cap attendance lower or offer more nights, maybe even try the much debated adults only night or teen-centered night (C'mon, one night won't hurt ANYONE). There has to be a better form of crowd control instituted. A few less patrons in the park would also help the much maligned Ops people do their jobs correctly and not be perceived as tyrannical mood-killers or bored, spoiled wannabes checking Facebook on their phones. I bet they would appreciate that as much as we would.

3. The over-indulgence of alchohol is out of control. They've made some progress with the rampant drunkeness and underaged drinking but it is still not enough. I know most (75-80%) drinkers handle themselves and their drinks just fine in a smaller setting but when you mix thousands and thousands of people (bored from standing in line!) with lots and lots of booze in a confined space problems will be inevitable. Those problems range from simple annoying personalities to violence and destruction. A drink limit is never going to fly, of course, but perhaps make another night alchohol free for those that wish to go without that particular threat. Personally, I would lay money down on this being a HUGE hit.

If they keep piling in more people without facing these issues first they're looking at major damages; to the park, the patrons, and the staff. It will definately cost Universal more cash, but it would be returned 2x, maybe even 3x over. Showing that they care about their patrons and not simply the patrons' wallets would go a long way to getting them an even higher rating in fans' and patrons' hearts.

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