Thursday, February 24, 2011

Halloween horror nights 21 2011 info old hard rock bulding may become haunted house

There is an interesting rumor found here, claiming that Universal could be eyeballing the old original Hard Rock Café building behind the Woody Woodpecker Nuthouse Coaster as a site for a new haunt for HHN 2011. They even go so far as to suggest that it could be transformed a year-round haunt of some kind, possibly similar in concept to the one they have at the Hollywood park.
    However there are some possible errors to this blog report. It claims that the building was borded up and abandoned for a number of years, and also mentions it being used for storage.  Years ago, I quizzed a number of Universal employees about this very building myself between 2000-2005 and was always told that it had been put to use for both storage and office space. I don’t think I ever found out which department had claimed it for office-space, but this kind of goes against the idea of using it as a haunt if true.
    That’s one of the interesting facts about many theme parks… in general no good available space is wasted. Eventually almost any good indoor dry place will be claimed and put to use as an office, storage space or even just as a broom closet, so I find it hard to believe the old Hard Rock was ever left empty for any period of time. That’s prime real estate for any department. The latest word from one source is that the items being stored inside the building may have been moved out to an outside warehouse a few weeks ago, freeing up the building for a possible new role in the future. Any insiders have some input on this story?

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