Friday, October 22, 2010

Scary Halloween Props

Scary Halloween props are part of what a great Halloween event should be about - to give someone a fright and add an element of suspense to the atmosphere. Or in some cases, some people want grotesque props to aim for disgust rather than fear - it is the time for monsters after all. The usual aim is to go for something that looks shocking in some way.

Scary  Halloween PropsMonsters and horror stay at the core of Halloween. Sometimes, for different reasons, people wish to set aside the horror element in favor of more fun in a less frightening environment. But there are still those who like the original thrills of this holiday and for them the internet provides many cool products. Of course these Scary Halloween props can be used by other people too, like if you want to increase the level of intensity of a spooky special event for example.

Scary  Halloween PropsSo, here are some of those Scary Halloween props that you can buy online. First there is the Halloween Shaking Skeleton in a Cage. This one would look cool with some white smoke around. Its red eyes are glittering and it really shakes, as it works on batteries (which are included in the price). It is 60 cm tall, its rags and cage, and in general the whole design, look very realistic.

Scary  Halloween PropsOther Scary Halloween props are some human organs with blood pumping out of them. The first of these is the Halloween Pumping Heart in Hand with Adaptor. This will need an electrical outlet near as it does not work with batteries. It will look cool on the main table, among snacks and beverages. Its design is a hand coming out from the earth holding a heart in it. And this heart pumps out blood, imitating the heart beats.

Scary Halloween PropsOther similar products of Scary Halloween props are the "Today's Fresh Cuts Heart / Brain" Blood Fountain with Adaptor. Unlike the previous model, here the heart (or the brain) is set on a cutting board with a bloody knife next to it. It also pulsates blood (it is not real blood, of course). This model will look best on the kitchen table or on the crazy maniac theme. It also needs an electrical outlet tom operate.

Scary Halloween PropsScary Halloween props also go well for creating scary chambers in amusement parks or any other places where you want to give people the chills and raise the horror and scare factor to fit the occasion.

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