Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando Why you should visit multiple times

Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando runs on select nights through Halloween. Many people only visit once, but Universal offers several ticket options that make multiple visits easy. Myself, I have the upgraded Frequent Fear pass that lets me visit on all non-peak nights and Fridays. You might not want to come that much, but here are some reasons why you should visit at least twice:

-Try all the houses and shows on your first visit and repeat favorites the next time around. A first visit is always hectic as you try to cram in as much as possible (hint: buy an Express Pass if it's a busy day). You won't get to see much of the detail as you hustle from house to house. You can slow down, relax and repeat favorites when you come back.

-Spend time observing details on subsequent visits. Most people focus on the haunted houses, and Halloween Horror Nights fans also love the Bill and Ted show. The scarezones are great too and there are so many small details throughout the park that get missed on hurried visits. Come back, take it slow, spend time watching people in the scarezones and notice all the amazing theming. Have a leisurely dinner at Finnegan's.

-Notice how things chance over the course of the event. This is an interesting thing to do if you are a local. Many people don't reallize that Universal tweaks things throughout the entire Halloween Horror Nights run. The last Bill and Ted show will have evolved from the first, and there might be more (or less) fog in one area or a new or different effect in a house. Come as much as possible and see how many changes you notice.

-Increase your chance of good weather. Usually the weather for Halloween Horror Nights is pretty decent because the rainy season is over. Sometimes there are still showers, which can ruin your visit if you only have a ticket for one day. The houses stay open in the rain, but the scareactors disppear. A multi-day pass gives you more chances for seeing things in good weather.

The crowds tend to take a toll on the houses as the season progresses. I took an insider tour early in the season, so click here to see lights-on photos with all the details inside the Legendary Truth house and click here for photos inside Psychoscareapy. Click here to read more of my articles, and click here to follow me on Twitter.

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