Thursday, October 14, 2010

halloween horror nights pics oct 2010 enjoy i know you guys would like this

n a zone like Zombie Gras, make up is key. Universal employs some of the best in the business to help not only apply the make up but to help design the look of several characters. Michael Burnett was the guy “designing” my character. Burnett has been with Universal Orlando for seven years as a Make Up Designer and not only does he do work for Universal Orlando, but he has also done work on over 100 films and T.V. series including, Evil Dead 2, Buffy:The Vampire Hunter(T.V. Series). The list seems to go on.

To say the guy knows what he’s doing is an understatment. So it was time to get me in the chair. Michael started by adding a prosthetic appliance. When you hear the term you probably think of someone’s artificial limb. It’s pretty much the same thing. Prosthetic is pretty much anything that is not your real body part. In this case it was a piece of skin molded to look like it was ripped from my face and just hanging there. Universal uses these as well as masks and traditional make up. Another technique that is used is airbrushing. Just as you would expect in model cars, Airbrushing takes thinner make up and sprays it on various body parts. It saves a lot of time on the process, and can make doing big areas (such as shading) go a lot quicker. Also it gives a finer point that most brushes use, and uses less material than sponges and cuts on the cleaning time in between colors.

As you can tell by some of the pictures, I have a lot of hair, so Michael suggested that I use a hat or some other prop to keep it up. The only thing that could fit my big head was a crown (as if my head needed to be any bigger).

“How much we use depends on what the event calls for” Michael added “With this event, we use gallons of blood.”

I was in the make-up chair for roughly 20 minutes, but it’s not uncommon for actors on movie sets to spend hours. Boris Karloff spent 4 hours a day having the make up applied when he made Frankenstein. In an event like HHN, the less time spent in the chair, the better as there are thousands of actors that need make up every night.

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