Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Skeleton Costume

SKELETON COSTUME >> On Halloween nights many people dress up in different Halloween costumes in order to scare each other. One of the often used costumes is a ghost costume. Adults and children like to wear this costume at this festival. Many people find it rather funny and amusing.

Skeleton CostumeA traditional and usual skeleton costume consists of a black jumpsuit and skeleton bones painted onto it. But there are also costumes where bones are not painted but attached to the costume and make it look more realistic. A good ghost costume includes a pair of gloves, a pair of boots and a mask. The skeleton mask should be a full cover one resembling a skull. And moreover all the bones glow in the darkness of the night because they are fluorescent. That is why such a ghost costume looks very creepy.

Skeleton CostumeIt is a quite amusing sight looking at a dancing or running about man who is wearing a skeleton costume. You will have great find it rather funny being chased by some of those skeletons. Classic ghost costumes are bone white, but there are such costumes in many other colors: orange, green, purple, yellow and others. They don't look more realistic but they look more unusual and funny.

Skeleton CostumeOn Halloween night dressed up people have fun not from being someone but from acting like someone. At this festival the greatest pleasure is to put terror into every visitor and the paradox is that everything is done just for fun. After scaring people to death everybody bursts into laughter.(Travis)

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