Sunday, June 13, 2010

Scary Costume

It isn't Halloween unless you see people dressed in scary costume. Sure, some parents won't let their children go out dressed as the reaper or any popular horror movie villain. But, there are plenty who do. Scary costume are a fun way to get into the spirit of Halloween.

Scary  CostumeIf you do decide to dress in scary costume you have a choice as to how elaborate you want to be. Do you want to simply don a mask and go from door to door or do you want to make your look as realistic as possible, complete with theater makeup and authentic clothes?

Scary  CostumeBefore you get started, you need to do some preplanning and make some decisions. Do you want to model your costume after a familiar character or do you want to create something on your own? You also have a lot of choices. Scary costume come in all different forms such as ghosts, monsters, and villains from popular horror movies.

Scary CostumeYou have two main choices when it comes to making your own scary costume. First, you can model the costume after a popular character. Second, you can create your own character based on your own imagination. If you do decide to model the character after something, make sure you get it is accurately as possible.(Phil)

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