Sunday, June 20, 2010

Halloween Cop Costume

Halloween Cop Costume - Feeling like a naughty law enforcement officer? Well here's your chance to slip into a Halloween Cop Costume and your sweetie will stop dead in his/her tracks, and all for love. Police officers have an air of power and command about them, and some people find that very sexy and exciting. So, if your man (or woman) wants you to "arrest their heart," look into finding just the right sort of police outfit to fit the bill.

Halloween Cop CostumeYour first stop should be your local costume store. Of course, it is possible that you do not have one in your neighborhood, or that maybe they do not carry any Halloween Cop Costume. No worries there; that is where the Internet can help you. A few choice keystrokes and presto, a laundry list of costume companies, which offers a full line of female and male Halloween Cop Costume. If you are looking for modest, something to wear to the local family Halloween party, try the Sexy Officer or Officer Naughty if you are a woman and Officer Frisk Me for the men. The guy's outfit is pretty standard; the lady's have short skirts, blouse and coat, and the hat.

Halloween Cop CostumeOn the other hand, if you want to drive your man to commit a major "felony," try one of the more risqué outfits. The She Sheriff number features a very short khaki skirt and matching short sleeve top. Then there are the Border Babe, Vicky Vice and the Sexy Cop. All have the short skirt; the vice outfit sports a low-cut coat, and the Sexy Cop has a bright blue bikini-type top and black sheet stockings. And, if you want your husband / boyfriend to "come along quietly," try the Hottie Police or Playboy Flirty Halloween Cop Costume. Their very brief skirts and bikini tops will have him ready to confess, long before you slap the cuffs on him.

Halloween Cop CostumeAnd, do not worry if you are not some svelte super model-type; These online costume shops has a full line of plus size outfits. Also, their shopping cart system is fully secure, so you can rest easy knowing your credit card information is safe. Shipping can be handled for as little as $4.99, if you do not mind waiting for up to two weeks. But, if you have a "crime wave" to stop, $17.99 gets you ready to "take a bite out of crime" in two to four days.

By Rudolph Weiss

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