Friday, November 12, 2010

RUN House Treatment the real maze

RUN House Treatment

Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights presents the most extreme Haunted maze in its ten-year history. As our Guest Contestant, you will be thrown into an environment that has no rhyme or reason, only the most diabolical combination of unsettling imagery and dark, winding corridors. Your challenge is simple: Get out as quickly as you can. Through chain-link barricades and padded walls, you must make choices to survive. Think you know the way out? Good Luck. Remember to keep moving. Don’t stop, not even to Scream!

OVERALL TECHNICAL APPROACH: Lighting should be designed to create confusion and chaos. Audio is a cacophony of high end disturbing sounds. All of the interior of the Exterior walls for this run will be mirrored to help create visual disorientation and scale

Welcome to the future of entertainment as Game Show meets Gladiator spectacle. The only difference is that there is no score and the prize is that you’ve survived.  You ramp upward on wooden scaffolding into the experience, hearing the chaotic sounds of terror filling the air. A crude sign built from the used and abandoned parts of junk spells out the name of this twisted game: RUN. Christmas lights combined with Tivoli chase lights create a weird and surreal advertisement and entry statement.

As you enter the dark cave-like structure, you are met with the sight of a rusted metal archway. Lights surround the word “RUN”. As you move underneath the archway, a gaunt GAME SHOW HOST slams a steel door shut behind you triggering a blinding green light. A loud air-horn shrieks the beginning of the game followed by an ominous voice that screams a single command at you. “RUN!!!!!!”

We move into the darkness of a claustrophobic cave.  Our presence triggers sirens and beacon lights. Disoriented by the blinding flash and the shriek of the siren, we struggle forward.

We move cautiously into the disturbing darkness of the hellish environment, not knowing what to expect. Padded pieces of dirty mattress cover the walls.

From unseen openings throughout the space, Maniacal FREAKS hurl themselves towards us.

One of the freaks is chained to the floor. He hurls a piece of broken chain towards our group, smashing into a discarded aluminum barrel.

Another chases us through the twisting space with the remains of a bloody, disemboweled torso.

The exterior walls are lined with mirrors, giving the disorienting illusion of depth. Along the floor, lining our path, are the remains of crushed bones.

We continue forward, ramping down, into the chaos. We move forward into the remains of a rotted wooden porch. Broken latticework surrounds us on each side as we continue downward. Without warning, hideous appendages thrust from underneath the porch, grasping at us.

Moving quickly away from the attack, we come face to face with a GIANT JUNKYARD DOG. The furry beast lunges at us, snarling, chasing us from the room.

A maniacal GATEKEEPER corrals us into one of two tunnels of chain link. The lights continue to assault

We move further into the madness of the maze and are confronted by the grisly sight of several decomposing bodies wrapped in bloody gauze. Stepping out across grated steel floor, We hear the sound of buzzing flies, as mono-filament creates the illusion of the insects. We smell the sickly sweet stench of rotting flesh. The decomposing bodies ooze a greenish fluid that covers the bandages. The bodies are covered with methycyl creating the tactile illusion of decomposing flesh. Winding through the grisly hanging barriers, the disgusting feel of warm water drips down upon us. 

We enter a corridor of makeshift wood barricades. 2 x 4 planks are haphazardly placed at odd angles creating weird wood structures above us. More padded pieces of mattress cover the walls.

We hear the sound of a pneumatic nail-gun. We turn the corner and find a rotund CARPENTER. He is nailing boards up, creating a barricade. As we cautiously move past the intimidating woodsman, he turns, pointing his nail gun at us. His face is riddled with nails, the tips protruding from his flesh. He fires. We feel the air of the powerful tool, followed by the feel of something wet on our skin. Did we actually just get nailed? The Rotund madman forces us deeper into the darkness, yelling after us to “keep running!”

The intensity builds as we move past a batting cage. A baseball-pitching machine spits out bloodied baseballs, lobbing the hard implements towards us. They come within inches of us, stopped only  by the metal of the cage.

We rush through the twisting cavern, the pathway forcing us from right to left. As we move through the chaotic maze, we find what remains of several bodies. These decapitated torsos fill the ceiling and floors. Bursting from the wall of bloody torsos and intestines is a huge GAMESKEEPER. He triggers a blinding strobe. The muscular monster towers above us brandishing two small chainsaws, one in each hand.  He roars at us, swinging wildly as we race forward.

Hanging panels of fabric obstruct our path. We are forced to move them aside as we come face to face with a panel of fence. Suddenly two mutated FREAKS jumps out, brandishing a baseball bat. He swings wildly, smashing against the chain link. The barrage of violence continues as we rush forward. Turning right we think we find safety only to find a ripped open portion of chain-link fence. One of the Freaks bounds into our space chasing us with his bat.

We move through a confined area of more chain-link fence. To our right, a CRAZY CONTESTANT maniacally runs an electrical cable across the fence, sending a shower of sparks towards us. We cower away from the lunatic when another CRAZY jumps up from the other side. Through a hole in the chain link, he shoves a cable towards us, making contact. The vibrating wand tip simulates the coursing electricity chasing us from the space.

We are forced into a long winding corridor filled with doors of every shape and size. Hanging above us, suspended from the darkness are bloody mannequins. We move through the hallway as freakish MANGLERS, adrenaline-charged game masters attack us at every opportunity. They blast at us with hand held air nozzles.  They have the ability to appear behind several different doors on each side, increasing the scare potential.

(NOTE: The back of the actor space is line with mirror to help create disorientation)

We turn a corner, and see another winding corridor stretching out before us. Above us is a series of red Christmas tree lights that line the upper wall, and cast an eerie glow into the chamber. A fog blast fills the area as we try to make our way through. The walls are covered with wet, latex strips simulating the stripped skins of victims.

As we move through we feel intense heat from an unseen source. Out of nowhere, a large MANIAC jumps towards us. The masked psycho thrusts his bloody chainsaw towards us. The chainsaw is enormous, the blade twice the normal size and covered with chunks of shredded flesh. He chases our group forward and out of the tunnel.  As more contestants/victims enter the area, they are wary of the attack, only to be startled as another MANIAC enters to chase them from the opposite side.

We exit the Tunnel, bursting through sheets of wet fabric and torn clothing, surviving the madness, but will we ever be the same?

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