Friday, November 12, 2010


Guests entering the gates of Universal will be corralled onto Hollywood Boulevard. Here we are treated to an opening ceremony in the grandest tradition.

A Flat bed truck extends across the street. A makeshift hangman’s noose hangs above.

On the truck we also find a large box. It is a recreation of a children’s toy block with the letters J A C K all around. Fog pours from the box as we hear a rock version of “Pop Goes the Weasel”.

A low growl turns into a laugh as the maniacal clown JACK springs from the box. He bounds around the truck laughing out at the audience.

“Miss Me?” snorts Jack. The clown killer launches into the attractions and shows. He is immediately cut off by the sound of a rock guitar.

We hear the Duane Eddy rock classic “Rebel Rouser” as EDGAR our new master of scaremonies enters, Chainsaw in hand.

“Who are you?” yells Jack.

“Me?” glares Edgar. “I’m your replacement!”

“You don’t know the Saw! String him up Boys!” Two other CHAINSAW MANIACS enter and grab the clown. They place the makeshift noose around his neck and lift. We hear the snap of bone as Jack’s body goes lifeless.

Then it springs back to life.

“You’ll need more than that to get rid of me, freak!” snarls the Clown.

They lower the clown and place his head down on his box.

Edgar revs up his trusty chainsaw and tears through the clown’s neck. Blood sprays as Jack is beheaded right in front of us. His head drops down.

The new reigning champion lifts the clown’s severed head high for all the audience to see. The mouth still moves as we hear jack scream out his objection. “I’ll be back!” yells Jack’s severed head.

“Time to go back in the box!” smiles Edgar.

The evil chainsaw-wielding madman drops the head into the box. Then proceeds to chainsaw it.

Suddenly the CHAINSAW DRILL TEAM appears from behind our audience and attacks. They chase our guests into the park as the New Icon screams – “Open for Business!”  A pyro hit signals the opening of our event.

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