Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Ninja Halloween Costume

Ninja Halloween Costume -The origin of the ninja is hidden and difficult to ascertain, but can be had as a guess to be circa the fourteenth century. Although this era would not give us the boys ninja Halloween costumes we desire, a bit of history never hurt. Few archives exist to detail the true movements of the ninja. Mercenaries and spies for hire came about out of the Iga and Koga regions of Japan, and it is from these clans that much of the later education regarding the ninja is interpreted. Women were also active in ninja combat. Female ninja, or kunoichi, also, on occasion occupied enemy castles disguised as dancers, concubines or servants. They were accomplished spies, and sometimes served in assassinations as well.

Ninja Halloween CostumeThe ninja of Japan apparently came to form as a means of self defense against the tyranny of the Shogun warlords. They would try their best to avoid confrontation and it was only if it were inevitable they would fight and fight to the death. Hence the legendary disappearing acts. Their weapons started out as a very basic form of defense, from anything they could basically get their hands on from around the farm.

Ninja Halloween CostumeThe first throwing stars were little more than coins or similar to provide distractions, gunpowder was later employed as a way causing a smoke screen to "disappear" - earlier techniques involved simpler ideas, like throwing sand etc in the opponents' eyes. Even chop sticks were used as basic self defense weapons, but I could hardly see them being of great value as boys ninja Halloween costume ideas.

Ninja Halloween CostumeThe mystical presence of the ninja has long captivated popular beliefs in Japan, and later the rest of the world. Ninjas figure predominantly in legend and folklore, and as a result it is often difficult to separate historical facts from myths. Among these capabilities includes invisibility, walking on water, and control over nature. The ninja is also predominant in popular cultural heritage, appearing in many forms of entertainment arenas. Myth or fact? You be the one to decide. Fact: Halloween is approaching fast!

By Mathew Osbourne

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