Tuesday, July 6, 2010

hhn 2010 update

Halloween Horror Nights 20 - (6/22/10) The official Halloween Horror Nights website has been updated to promote this year’s event dates as well as promising that “This fall, a new era of darkness begins as the nation’s premier annual Halloween event takes terror to a whole new level.” I can’t wait to hear more about this new era of Darkness.
HHN 20 will take place in Universal Studios Florida yet again on September 24-25, Sept. 30-Oct. 1-3, Oct 7-10, Oct. 14-17, Oct. 20-24, and Oct. 27-31st. Advanced tickets are already on sale for $74.99 as well as Stay & Scream upgrades and Gory Getaway Hotel Packages.
(6/10/10) Some new interesting clues as to the themes for the HHN 20 Haunts has been posted to Orlando United.
(6/8/10) It seems construction is starting early for HHN 20 this year, as black coverings are now up blocking off all views into the Jaws extended queue building which is normally used for a Haunt.
(6/5/10) It’s been awhile since we’ve heard any juicy HHN rumors, but I think I forgot to post this one that came across my Twitter a couple of weeks ago. According to HHN Rumors the official LegendaryTruth.com website that was first launched to promote The Collective group that was hunting down Bloody Mary has had it’s domain registration renewed for another two years, now registered up through 8/21/2012. Right now nothing is on the site, it just auto forwards to the old HHN site from last year, but it seems to be a clear sign that The Collective will be returning for HHN 20.
(5/21/10) The latest HHN news comes from HHN Rumors this week, as they have uncovered the first building permit from Orange County for construction for the event. No details other than that, and very little other than haunt locations was determined from the follow up permits last year.
(5/4/10) Behind the Thrills dropped into the Haunt Con event and has posted some interesting rumors about HHN 20 as given turning an official event Q&A session. TJ Mannarino mentioned that this year’s event will be a sort of “scrapbook of years past”… as the various icons are all connected it seems. That’s one twisted family tree…
(5/2/10) I was sent word that Universal was conducting a survey back in March that asked questions about two new possible Express Pass options under consideration or Halloween Horror Nights. Remember, these were just concepts and nothing confirmed for use for HHN20 or future years yet… just ideas they were getting feedback about.
The first option was something being considered to fit in with the Frequent Fear passes, so this of this as a Frequent Fear Express Pass. The idea is that kind of pass would be make available on the same nights that Frequent Fear passes are allowed to visit HHN, typically the first weekend and following Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday nights afterwards… in other words, the slower nights. This pass would allow guests to cut to the front of the line at each maze once per night only.
The second Express Pass option was a kind of VIP style pass that would allow the holder unlimited front-of-line visits to each and every haunt…. All night long. Given the length of the lines HHN can get, I’d say the later was a bad idea, though I’m sure the price involved for this would be so high, they would be unlikely to sell that many anyway.
(4/21/10) HHN Rumors has posted a new update about the latest rumors for this year’s HHN. The overall theme of returning Icons is still there, and they’re counting 8 haunts this year, which matches up with the number of haunts I’ve also heard from another source. And yes, Bill & Ted are still rumored to be put in T2/3D this year, resulting is shorter but faster paces shows… and a lot more of them. Make the jump to read the rest.
(4/9/10) The latest buzz from HHN Rumors claims that the New Line Cinema character (aka: The Deadly Trio – Freddy, Jason & Leatherface) are also unlikely to return for HHN 20. I’m not too sad about this actually, as they did their thing and their time is over, and I’d prefer to not see them steal the show again.
(4/8/10) According to the latest buzz from HHM Rumors, the copyright holder to the Bloody Mary legendary character tells them that Universal’s deal to use the character was up in early November 2008, shortly after HHN ended its run. To date, Universal has not signed by kind of new agreement that would let them use the character again, contrary to the rumors claiming that a possible gathering of past icon’s for HHN 20.
(3/16/10) According to the latest rumor at HHN Rumors, the throw-back theme for this year’s mazes is still alive and well, though instead of picking out one maze for the year, they may theme each maze as a taste of all the chaos that took place during that particular year’s event.
(3/13/10) HHNRumors has some interesting news to share about HHN 20. Their sources seem to indicate that this year’s Bill & Ted Show may somehow make the move over to the T2/3D theater. Of course, this is a much smaller theater, but the idea is to use more than one cast and run more frequent shows throughout the night, as well as taking advantage of the T2/3D queue area. Interesting… very interesting… this could allow for a unique pre-show experience to be added to the story and flow of the show as well.
In other news I’ve heard that there is talk of adding some custom programming to the Hollywood Rockit for HHN, including special new audio tracks and lighting effects.
(3/4/10) HHNRumors has posted some new information that suggests that the dreaded Festival of the Damned parade may return for HHN 20. God, I hope they are wrong on that one as getting rid of the parade was the single best move in all of HHN history.
(3/2/10) The new HHNRumors website claims that official Construction Tours of select HHN Haunts are likely to take place this year. They also have a great bit of into about HHN 20, claiming that the park may add heavily themed queue areas to the mix this year as well.
(3/1/10 - Updated) While we had initially been sent a report about two very expensive roof repair projects (Click here to find the listings) coming up, it turns out nether of these are expected to have any impact on HHN 20. Details of the locations have been placed on the USF page.
(2/27/10) Some early rumors about what we may be able to expect from HHN 20 are already starting to roll in… and the good news is that it doesn’t look like this will be another all movie themed maze year. If the rumors are true HHN 20 could actually be a big celebration of all things HHN from years past. We’re talking bringing back the top attractions, scare zones and shows from the previous 19 years. Even better… they may up the ante this year and offer a record setting 10 mazes. More when we find out.
(11/16/09) A video showing off the special scare zone added at the end of the event can be seen here.
(10/29/09) The new Scare Zone opened to guests last night and was called Tales From The Past. As you can see in the photo sent in, Jack the clown was indeed back in action in the alley. According to another report over at Behind the Thrills, the alley also featured the return of many other major characters from past years. Not just icons like Caretaker, but other characters like Darkness, a Body Collector and “Cindy” and more.

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