Saturday, August 29, 2009

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By Robert Niles: I've been writing several articles about how parks can help themselves by earning more money from each visitor spends in the park during this recession. But my suggestions are designed not to lead to more nickel-and-diming, but to show parks ways to increase the value of what they offer, so that we will *want* to spend more money, and will get better deals in return.

Part Four: Improving food service throughout the day

Part Three: Sell all park merchandise online, too

Part Two: Free water (or even free drinks)

Part One: Better breakfasts
Another Earnhardt-themed roller coaster?
Carowinds announced this week that its new $23 million (not $11 million, as previouly leaked) B&M hyper coaster for 2010 will be called... Intimidator.

That's right: a Dale Earnhardt theme. Just like Kings Dominion's Intamin giga, announced last week.

Carowinds' announcement that its version of Intimidator would be the tallest coaster in the Southeast also sparked a raging website debate over whether Virginia is part of the U.S. Southeast or not.

Check it out the comments (and watch some propotype ride video) at
Photo galleries: The parade of silly theme park hats
By Robert Niles: I suspect that we are not the only family that finds great entertainment in going to theme park hat stores and taking many, many pictures.

See the photo gallery

More photos of the week:
The most unusual theme park job in the world?
Theme park cast member stories: Hablamos EspaƱol... Sorta
By Robert Niles: Sure, I took three years of Spanish in high school and college, but the only place I learned any Spanish that I actually remember was... working at Pirates of the Caribbean.
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