Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fun With Halloween Gift

halloween gift
There are numerous options to choose from for Halloween gift. For adults, creepy and bloodcurdling novels and gripping terror tales would be perfect or a stack of horror-movies. People are even buying Halloween Gift Baskets or making themselves. Other gift items that make for great Halloween Day gifts are personalized shirts, personalized photo frames, and music CD’s. There are DVD Box Sets that make excellent gifts. The Masters of Horror Season One Box Set. The set features 6 DVD’s; the original Exorcist film, the "Version You've Never Seen", Part 2, The Heretic, Part 3, The Beginning, and Dominion. They also feature loads of bonus features.

Rick Turner of Bloody Days gifts suggests putting together a selection of films in the same genre like a set of slasher films. Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street, Chucky, and Friday the Thirteenth with photos or memorabilia from each movie, like action figures or autographed pictures or cards work well.

The 1968 classic film that started it all has been completely restored and re-mastered so that every great horrific nuance of the film can be clearly seen.

Halloween GiftHalloween Gift

Halloween GiftHalloween Gift

Halloween GiftHalloween Gift

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